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Banoo Trading is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia based trading company founded in 2011. Initially, it was started as imports company focusing on the supply of motor cycle, automotive and  machinery (heavyduty) tires and tubes to the Ethiopian market. As such, we have specialized in the importation of best brand and quality products from well known Korean and Indian manufacturers with the leading brands we have partnered with being Marathon and Best Korea.

After consolidating its tires and tubes business in the market in few years, Banoo has ventured into supplying modern sealed automotive batteries to the same market. This strategic business expansion decision was informed by our research on the automotive market which showed us there have been siginificant needs to shift to the modern sealed car batteries. Banoo took a calculated risk of introducing sealed batteries to the Ethiopian market extensively importing from a well known Korean manufacturer with more than 40 years of expertise and excellence. Banoo is now proudly the sole  importer and distributor of the X - PRO brand and the manufacturer's exclusive agent in Ethiopia.

Introducing a new product to the market was not easy but with quality, persistence and smart marketing strategies, the product is now ranked the number one choice car battery with more than 200 sub-agent distributors across the country.

We have also extended our operations into the export sector with the vision of expanding Banoo further and contributing to the growth of the export industry in Ethiopia. Specifically, we specialize in exporting oil seeds..

Banoo's success over the years has been recognized by several awards we have received. Prominent among them are the Platinum and Gold label tax payer of the year 2021 and 2022 awards the government of Ethiopia has given us.

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