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X-PRO Priemere Power Batterry

Is suitable for modern vehicles with extensive equipment, such as heated seats and parking sensors.

In addition to reliability, endurance and consistently high performance, it boasts outstanding cold-start performance and maximum reserve capacity.

X pro Batteries have the technology suitable for all types of passenger and high-end cars. Adapting powerful new punched grid guarantees superb starting power optimizing electricity flow. Calcium-Tin alloy prevents life shortening by minimizing decrease in electrolyte during charging and discharging. Enhanced life span through the addition of special additives and consolidation of crystal material.

DONGAH Tire & Rubber​

Our DONG AH Rubber Tubes is imported from Korean Company which has more than 50 years of business experience our Inner tubes includes passenger car tubes, wide base tube, Light truck tubes, of the road tubes, twin tubes for farm, industrial tubes and also flaps. Our tubes and flaps have been certified for ISO 9001 / KS (KOREA STANDARD) / SNI (INDONESIAN NATIONAL STANDARD) / BIS (BUREAU INDIAN STANDARDS).

Best Koria Tubes

Our Best Korea Rubber Tubes imported from well-known Indian company ranging from Light Truck tubes, Truck & Bus tubes, Industrial Tubes, Agriculture /Farm Tubes and also includes Flaps which has a superior quality, and has certified ISO 9001-2015.


The butyl tubes we serve have a high-quality resistance. Its unique molecular structure maintains its strength against tension and tearing.


Butyl Rubber Curing Bags are used for retreading tyres and are highly valued for their durability. These bags are greatly appreciated for their long service life.


We serve a complete portfolio of Tyre Flaps. Our Tyre Flaps protect the tyre against damage and alterations. These products have wear resistance and are highly sustainable and effective.

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